Takayama Festivals

Spring Festival (Sanno Festivl)

The Spring Festival, called Sanno Festival, is an annual festival of the Hie Shrine held on 14th & 15th April. The festival originates from the period of the Kanamori leadership (mid-to-late 1500’s). During the festival, twelve Spring Festival floats proceed through Ue-machi, to the right of Yasukawa Street.
Marionette performances are executed on three of them. The processions feature guards wearing hakama, a long pleated skirt worn over a kimono; a Cock-fight Dance called Kankakokan; a Lion Dance called Shishimai; Ohayashi, musical accompaniment with traditional Japanese musical instruments; and traditional Japanese music.

Location: Kami-ichino-machi, Kami-nino-machi, Kami-sanno-machi, Katahara-machi, Hon-machi, Shinmei-machi and the area around it ; all within Takayama City

Access: About 15 minute walk from JR Takayama Station