Old Private Houses

Shimo-nino-machi, Oshin-machi Traditional Building Reserve

This reserve is situated in the castle area and on the Etchu Trail.
This reserve features the atmosphere of a merchants’ town in the early modern period. The daily life of the town’s people can be easily imagined by viewing merchant houses built from the beginning of the Meiji Era to the beginning of the Showa Era.

Location: Shimo-ichino-machi, Shimo-nino-machi, Shimo-sanno-machi, Hachiman-machi, Oshin-machi 1chome, Oshin-machi 2chome, Oshin-machi 3chome, Oshin-machi 4chome ; all whthin Takayama City

Access: About 12 minute walk from JR Takayama Station