Cultural Assets in Hida Region

Akahogi Roofing Tile Kiln Ruins

What remains of the Akahogi Roofing Tile Kilns is located on the slope of the Mihaka Hill. Its historical importance lies in the fact that the kiln dates from the time of the foundation of the Hida Kokubun Temple (at some time within the Nara or Heian Periods; that is, 710-1185). Various kinds of tiles such as circular tiles known as Nokimaru-gawara, broad slightly-concave tiles known as Nokihira-gawara, rafter tiles known as Taruki-gawara, and Onigawara tiles which were made to keep evil spirits away, have been excavated from here. As some of the tiles are identical to ones used on the Kokubun Temple roof, it would seem that tiles for that temple were fired here.

Location: Kamaga-hora, Akahoki-machi, Takayama City

Access: about 15 minutes from JR Takayama Station by car