Cultural Assets in Hida Region

Donosora Site

Within this area are the ruins of a settlement dated from the early to mid-Jomon Period (approximately 8,000 years ago). It was cultivated as a field up until the excavation and subsequent research began. Earthenware, stone tools, clay artifacts, and other natural relics have been excavated from the area. Many items indicate that the artisans had been influenced by works from neighboring areas such as Shinshu (to the east) and Tokai (to the south), as well as the further afield Kanto (present Tokyo) and Kinki (present Osaka-Kyoto) Districts. At present, a number of pit-houses have been reconstructed in this history park, and excavated relics, archaeological materials, and articles that were in everyday use during the Jomon Period are now on display at the Kuguno Historical and Folklore Museum next to the Donosora Site.

Location: 2270, Kuguno, Kuguno-cho, Takayama City

Access: about 10 minute walk from JR Kuguno Station